Catholic YouTube series: Don't Have To...

What It's About

In 2018 I am putting together a series called DON'T HAVE TO..., a series about all the things teenagers and young adults can struggle with, often due to outside pressure. I want to be a Catholic YouTube voice that says "you don't have to" while at the same time leaving it open for you to say "I don't have to."

With the coming of each new day there is an opportunity to stop going down the path we are on and choose a different path. It will be difficult at first, so is maintaining the link between faith and religion, but the peace of living a life free of other's negative influence is worth it!

Personal Witness

A large part of what I'm wanting to do is present a personal witness from someone who has come / is coming to the realization that they don't have to do these things. The Google form found directly below is the primary way that I will be anonymously accepting witness talks to add to each episode. The assumption is at first that your witness will be anonymous but there will be an opportunity, and perhaps some value, in taking ownership of your own witness. 

I am currently imagining completing this project using YouTube; but a written version and/or podcast might be in the works as well.

Thank You!

Thank you so so much for your interest in, and help with, this project! Together we can help CHRIST reassure someone else that they don't have to...

Fr. Adam Carrico

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Introduction Episode

See for yourself what Don't Have To... means

Witness Submission Form

Don't Have To... Episode List

take your life.

abandon your dreams.

accept abuse.

aim for less than sainthood.

always be positive.

apologize for everything. 

compare yourself.

disrespect yourself.

do what they ask.

drink the pain away.

explain yourself.

feel this way.

feel unloved.

find happiness in things.

find worth in others.

fit in.

forget who you are.

get an abortion.

give up on your faith.

hang around those people.

hate your parents.

have sex to fit in.

hide the hurt.

hold yourself back.

know all about another. 

let your friends choose.

punish yourself.

put others down.

run from partner to partner.

rush your life.

say it with sarcasm.

say yes to everything.

send that photo.

spread those rumors.

starve yourself.

take birth control. 

take those pills.

talk to women that way. 

talk to men that way.

use that knife.

watch that garbage.

wear a mask.

wear all of that.

hold the shame.


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