Recommended Catholic Voices

Want to learn more about your faith, and be inspired by the witness of faithful Catholics? 

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The process of finding reliable Catholic content can sometimes be overwhelming. Everyone seems to have an agenda in our world today, and those that speak for the Church are often no different. We all have our point of view, of course, and we are free to express that point of view, but very few speak with the authority of the Church with the fullness of her Magisterium. These individuals and organizations do not speak with that authority either, but I trust those who are vulnerable enough to admit when they do not know the answer, and who actively desire to listen to others. 

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To keep me from going mad I have simply listed everything in alphabetical order.

There is no other reason why one comes before another.

Catholic YouTube Voices

Ascension Presents

Brian Holdsworth

Emily Wilson

Lizzie's Answers

New Catholic Generation

Reborn Pure Catholic

Catholic Blogs & Online Communities

Blessed is She

Catholic Link

The Catholic Millennial

Catholic Websites

Bible Gateway

Catholic Culture

Sophia Institute Press